Interlibrary loans & document delivery services

Table of Contents:

1. Contact: Sachgebiet Dokumentlieferung (Document Delivery Service)

2. Interlibrary loan orders via KOBV portal

3. Interlibrary loan orders, especially articles of periodicals via  database of journals (ZDB)

Contact: Sachgebiet Dokumentlieferung (Document Delivery Service)
Phone: +49 30 2093-99367 (Ms. Roth) /-99339 (Mr. Harnack) /-99326 (Ms. Schlottke)

Please contact us in all questions concerning interlibrary loans and the delivery of documents.

Our service includes:

Processing requests within the framework of German and international interlibrary schemes and running a document delivery service.

Interlibrary loans

At a small charge (€ 1.50 plus, if applicable, some further cost, irrespective of success) and within the framework of the German and International interlibrary schemes we deliver literature which is not available at the University Library (including both the Central Library and the branch libraries). Every registered user of the Humboldt University Library (UB) is entitled to put in an interlibrary loan request (only online).

Interlibrary loan requests via the KOBV Portal

Please use the link to the KOBV Portal for your interlibrary loan request. In the menu on the left of the portal you should then select  "KOBV-Fernleihe". If you do not find the item you want in the KOBV Portal you should, after your search, click on the link "Nichts gefunden?", and you will recieve further information.

Interlibrary loan requests, especially for journals via Zeitschriftendatenbank (database of journals, ZDB)

Ordering articles from journals via ZDB is particularly easy. Just search in the database for the volume of the journal from which you wish to have an article, click on "Bestellung" on the left of the screen and then select "Kostenpflichtige Bestellung über KOBV" (fee-carrying request via KOVB).


Document delivery services

You can order literature from other libraries through our document delivery services. Delivery by mail within a few days will be direct to your home address or to your place of work (electronic delivery of articles from journals). - How does that work? You just register with the appropriate delivery service and observe the terms and conditions of using it.