General Enquiry Office

The General Enquiry Office of the University Library is located on the ground floor of the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center.

opening hours:

Mon to Fri:       9am - 7pm
Sat:                 10am - 6pm


We shall be pleased to give you information about all our resources and how to use them, on all the sections of the Central Library and on the branch libraries, their locations and their terms of use.

We are ready to help you in your search in our catalogues and on the internet as well as in other catalogues and databases.
(see Catalogues)

Searches on demand and answering questions in writing which involve a particularly comprehensive search effort carry a charge (see scale of charges).


Further Services

  • for you to take away: flyers, postcards and book markers with information about our new building and the locations of the various branch libraries.
  • Regular guided tours and tutorials
    At the beginning of each semester we offer sessions to make you familiar with our Online Catalogue and the most important tools you need in your search of literature.
  • Database training
    We shall introduce you to using major databases.