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Important information and library specific links which are exclusively on Scandinavian language and literature studies have been compiled in the following list: Informationsquellen zur Skandinavistik im Internet.

Specialized periodicals
Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek: Skandinavistik

There you may find an overview of electronic periodicals which were selected from the virtual specialized library on north Europe and the Baltic with notes how to access them (free web access, Humboldt University intranet) as well as links to the particular periodicals.


Specialized databases
Datenbankinformationssystem DBIS: Germanistik, Skandinavistik

With the support of DBIS you may receive an overview of specialized databases which can be sorted according to their profile (database of essays, full text, reference etc.) and their respective access URLs. You will find there the most important entries under 'top databases'.

Supra-regional library holdings
Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Nordeuropa und Ostseeraum vifanord

The above mentioned subject portal has been compiled by the libraries Sondersammelgebietsbibliotheken (SSG)
which are involved in the special collection field in association with other institutions.  Beside offering profound information, it allows a detailed search for the languages, literatures, history, politics and culture of the north European and Baltic countries with the help of various resources such as specialized catalogues, databases and internet addresses. The functions of standardized (quick) search and extended search can be either combined or used selectively.

Other means of information and support for your subject search
The online tutorial on information literacy will help you to acquire the necessary skills for an effective scientific work as well as how to use the various electronic resources: E-Learning - Online-Kurs Informationskompetenz.





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Other libraries with considerable collections and related subjects are:

  • The Berlin State Library - Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage:StaBiKat

Subject News

You may learn about news in the field of Scandinavian Language and Literature Studies on the homepage of Fachverband Skandinavistik.

Also vifanord as library platform of the German-speaking Scandinavian Language and Literature Studies informs about news, conference dates and publications and hence facilitates the orientation on the latest research findings in the field of north Europe and the Baltic: vifanord-Aktuell.