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Specialized periodicals

Database for periodicals on Romance Studies

The list shows you periodicals which belong to the subject group of Romance Studies and are documented in print or electronic form in the periodical database for the University Library of HU. (Cf. Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek).

You may search the list of titles via "Erweiterte Suche" (extended search function)
using your search terms within the given subject group and location mark.


Specialized databases


Database information system DBIS: Romance Studies

With the help of DBIS you may receive an overview of specialized  databases which can be sorted according to their type (database of essays, full text, reference material ...) and modes of access (free web access, Humboldt University intranet). There is also the particular access URL for each database. The most important titles are compiled under 'top databases'.

Supra-regional library holdings

Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Romanischer Kulturkreis vifarom

Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Ibero-Amerika, Spanien, Portugal cibera

Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Osteuropa (mit Rumänien) vifaost

The above mentioned subject portals were compiled in cooperation with the libraries which are responsible for the special collection fields. They enable the reader, apart from offering them more information, to perform a detailed search for history, language, literature, politics and culture of the different regions with the help of various resources of the catalogues of the special collection fields and internet sources. There you can also combine the meta search with the quick search function as well as search selectively with the extended search function.

Other information sources and search tools

Online dictionaries

Our database information system DBIS offers a wide choice of online dictionaries. Please enter the search terms for dictionaries in the search box on the left (e.g."wörterb* franzö*").

The dictionaries come with labels which indicate whether they are open access or licenced for the HU. The latter may be accessed on the HU premises as  well as from home via VPN registration.

Online tutorial on information literacy

The online tutorial on information literacy will help you to acquire the necessary skills for an effective scientifc work as well as how to use the various electronic resources:  E-Learning - Online-Kurs Informationskompetenz.




Jörg Plönzke
Subject Librarian of Romance Studies

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Zweigbibliothek Fremdsprachliche Philologien
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Personal consultation:
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Postal address:
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Subject at the HU:
Institut für Romanistik

Regional specialized libraries

Other libraries with considerable Romance collections and related subjects are:

  • The Berlin State Library - Foundation of Prussian Cultural Heritage:StaBiKat
  • The library at Freie Unversität, especially the philological library: FU-Katalog
  • the library of the the Centre of Genaral Language and Literature Studies with Romance holdings: ZAS-Bibliothek

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