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Specialized periodicals
Electronic periodical library: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft. Außereuropäische Sprachen

This is an overview of electronic specialized periodicals with notes how to access them (free web access, HU intranet) as well as links to the particular periodicals.

Specialized databases
Database information system DBIS: Asian and African Studies

This is an overview of specialized databases which can be sorted according to their profile (database of essays, full text, reference etc.) and their respective access URLs.

webis - Ost- und Südostasien

'webis-collection focus on German libraries' offers an overview of all libraries which participate in the system of supra-regional literature provision. The information system provides subject specific and regional aspects as well as a list of the participating libraries. It allows differentiated access to several subject-oriented search engines.

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library

This website offers manifold scientific documents, resources and information systems in relation to Asia. It is a joint international project of researchers and institutions under the guidance of the Australian National University.

Further library and database entries on Japan may be found at the homepage of Bibliothek des Japanzentrums.


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