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Fachkatalog Volks- und Völkerkunde der Humboldt-Universität

There you can find the most important holdings on ethnological subjects of the Humboldt-Universitaet. For your search, you will have to use the Online Catalogue of the Humboldt-Universitaet as well as several internal card and microfilm catalogues. Additionally, you can also use our new search engine Primus to search for our holdings and essay databases at the same time.


Specialized periodicals

Electronic periodical library: Ethnology

This is an overview of electronic specialized periodicals with notes how to access them (free web access, Humboldt University intranet) as well as links to the particular periodicals. The retrieved print media can be most successfully searched at Zeitschriftendatenbank.

At the Grimm-Zentrum, you can find periodicals on Ethnology on 1st and 2nd floors. They are identifiable by their start signature LA.


Specialized databases

Database information system DBIS: Ethnology

This is an overview of specialized databases which can be sorted according to their profile (database of essays, full text, reference etc.)and their respective access URLs.


Supra-regional library holdings

Virtual Subject Libary of Ethnology - EVIFA

EVIFA offers access to the supra-regional search for literature and ethnological information. Among other items you can find:



Matthias Harbeck

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Institut für Europäische Ethnologie

Regional specialized libraries

Other regional libraries with considerable ethnological holdings and related subjects are:

Subject News

EVIFA offers an own news section with topical job offers, conference dates, and other events:



This is a collection of blogs and twitter channels on ethnological topics:


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This is a list of new accessions of the Special Collection Field: