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Electronic periodical library: English and American Studies
This is an overview of electronic specialized periodicals with notes how to access them (free web access, Humboldt University intranet) as well as links to the particular periodicals.

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Database information system DBIS: English and American Studies
This is an overview of specialized databases which can be sorted according to their profile (database of essays, full text, reference etc.) and their respective access URLs.

Supra-regional Library holdings

The Lower Saxony State and University Library Göttingen is responsible for the Special collection field of English Studies, general topicsGreat Britain and Ireland and Irland as well as North America. The Virtual Library of Anglo-American Culture with the Anglistic Guide belong to the offers of the special collection field. This is a subject portal for the search of scientifically relevant web addresses on the history and literature of the Anglo-American cultural area.

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