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Permanent lockers for doctoral students

Lockers for doctoral students

 Natalie Schlottke

The Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum provides 84 permanent lockers for doctoral students at Humboldt university. These can be used continuously for a maximum of 4 months and can also be occupied overnight.


During the period of use, you will receive an assigned locker with key from us as a loan.



You can apply from 4th October for the period of use December 2022 to March 2023. Please submit your application via the online form.


  •     You are a doctoral student and
  •     you are enrolled or registered at HU
To the application form.

The winners will then be notified by e-mail and asked to send the documents confirming their status as a doctoral student.

The certificate of enrolment or the certificate of registration will be accepted as proof.


If there are more applications than lockers, the places will be drawn by lot after the application deadline. Only the "winners" will then be informed by e-mail.
To confirm your status as a doctoral student, please send us a copy of your enrolment certificate or proof of registration.

You will only receive a final confirmation and a copy of the user agreement after all the required documents have been checked.

Frequently asked questions

Where are the lockers?

They are located in the basement of the Grimm Centre, lockers 1-84.

Do I need my own padlock?

No. These special lockers are equipped with a library lock. You will receive the key from us on loan.

When and how are the calls for applications made?

There are calls for applications for a doctoral student locker several times a year. After the call, you can apply via the online form. We inform about the calls and the activation of the online application form via web news and through our social media channels.

Who can apply and what should I bear in mind?

Only doctoral students of Humboldt-Universität who are already enrolled or registered at HU can apply. As proof, we require a copy of your matriculation certificate or confirmation of your registration.
A supervision agreement is not sufficient as proof.

You will only receive a final confirmation and a copy of the user agreement after the evidence has been checked.

When and how will I know whether I will receive a locker?

The places will be drawn by lot after the application deadline. Only the "winners" will then be informed by e-mail and requested to submit their proof of enrolment (certificate of enrolment/confirmation of registration) by e-mail as soon as possible.

Please note: Only the "winners" will be notified. If you do not receive a locker due to a large number of applications, you will not be informed. Please refrain from asking about the processing status.
If you are no longer interested in a locker, please let us know immediately so that we can notify subsequent applicants.

What do I do if my locker is lost or damaged?

If you notice any damage, please contact us immediately using the contact details below. Let us know which locker it is and what the problem is.

If you have lost the key, the security guard can break open the lock for you in an emergency. Please report the loss/opening by the security guard immediately by e-mail.

A loss report must then be completed and sent to us by e-mail.

The cost of replacement and engraving of the padlock is to be borne in full by the borrower(s).
Please note that the library and the university are not liable for loss or damage to the contents in the locker.

What do I do if I no longer need the locker?

If you no longer need the locker before the loan period expires, you can hand in the key to the security guard at any time via the return mailbox. We will then return the key to you and you will receive a return receipt by e-mail. Make sure to clear the locker completely and clean it if necessary.

Are there other services for doctoral students at other library locations?

Yes, you can find all services on our page "Our offers for HU doctoral students".

Help and contact

If you have any further questions about the lockers, or would like to report a loss or damage, please contact us by email or use the online help desk.