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Copying, printing and scanning

All printing and copying capabilities at our library locations have run out. As part of a sustainable development, the University Library will offer its users new high quality, in-house scanning technology free of charge. Please note that there may be service restrictions on scanning during the transition period.
  • A book scanner is located in the copy room on the 1st floor.
    The use is free of charge, output is done via USB.

  • High-quality scanners on several floors that can be used free of charge will follow soon.

  • Printing and copying in is no longer possible. Please use the copyshops in the surrounding area.


Scanning with smartphone and scan tent

Scan tents are available in the copy rooms on floors 2 to 5.

Scan tent (photo: Marcel Stehle, CC0)

The usage is free of charge and intuitive. All you need is your smartphone and any scanner app (quick start guide for Android and iOS, in German only). Position your smartphone on the tray at the top and place a book or document in the tent. The device ensures the optimal viewing angle and consistent distance. The text template is evenly illuminated by an LED light.