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Most items may be searched at the Primus Gateway.

However, a substantial part of the older literature has not yet been included, although the holdings from 1908 onwards are currently being entered within the framework of a Retro-Conversion Project. There are the following alternatives to find items of this type:

Continue your search in the Scan-Katalog 1908-1974 or in the old traditional catalogues. You should take down at least the title, the call number and, if possible, also the author's name, because with these details you can order the item you want via Primus Gateway at the University Library, unless it has become part of the open-access reference collection.


Alphabetical Catalogues

If you search for the location or call number of a known item, you should check the

  • Microfiche Catalogues:

All microfiche items are available at the Allgemeinen Auskunft (General Information Service) at the Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm Zentrum.


Subject Catalogues

for search by subject

  • Systematic Card Catalogue 1975-1992

  • Systematic Card Catalogue 1466-1974

Besides, there are a number of card catalogues of branch libraries which have recently moved into the Jacob-und-Wilhelm Grimm-Zentrum. More details of them will be provided here in the near future.

For further Information on catalogues at the other locations please go to 'Overview'.