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Study carrels

There is a total of 40 study carrels on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of the Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm Centre. Two carrels are barrier-free. They are let to Humboldt University students working on their theses for up to eight weeks and provide an undisturbed, quiet environment.

Day carrels
Four study carrels (AK 5.07, AK 5.08, AK 5.09 and AK 5.10) are available without prior notice and open to all readers. They are located on the 5th floor in the east wing of the Grimm Centre and can be used for the day on a 'first come, first served' basis. Break discs also have to be displayed in these carrels which can neither be locked nor reserved in advance.

Study Carrel Application
Due to high demand, the previous reservation system did not provide enough planning certainty for examinees. The Humboldt University Library therefore introduces a lottery system which is common practice at other university libraries as well. Starting with winter term 2018/19, we will three times a year ask anyone interested to apply for a study carrel. Opening date for next call for applications: 25 February 2019 (deadline: 2 April 2019).

Examinees can apply online for one of these two periods (eight weeks each):

• 03 May – 27 June 2019
• 04 July – 28 August 2019

To apply for a study carrel, please fill in the application form (Opening date: 25 February 2019).

Applicants for study carrels must be Humboldt University students who have formally registered their thesis (Bachelor, Master, etc.) with the examination board. The written confirmation of the examination board is not necessary for the reservation but has to be presented before the carrel is being handed over.
Please note as well that the study carrels are primarily meant for those students whose subject items are shelved in the Grimm Centre (see the section “Subjects Covered” in the frame on the left below). The student's main subject has to be covered by that list. Students of other subjects are requested to work in their specialized branch libraries (see the sections “Locations” and “Subjects” above).

What happens after the application?
The number of interested students usually exceeds the number of study carrels. As a consequence, the carrels are assigned by lot. The winning applicants will be informed about the key delivery and the conditions of use via email within two weeks after the application deadline.
If you are not interested in a carrel any longer, please notify us as soon as possible. In this case, we will be holding another lottery for those applicants who did not succeed at the first attempt.

What kind of material can I use in a study carrel?
You can use all types of material located at the library. Books you use must be borrowed according to the library regulations and the lending form should be attached. Non-lending materials can be kept for only a short time. They should always be put back on the book tray ("Buchablage") after leaving the carrel in order to enable other users to use them.  You may also use personal things in the carrel, but the Humboldt University Library denies liability. The carrels are regularly searched for items which have not been officially borrowed. 

What am I supposed to do if I do not need the carrel any longer?
In order to make the carrel available for other users, you are asked to clear it completely and hand in the key. Considering the great demand for the carrels, you are expected to empty yours as soon as you do not need it any longer. We ask for your understanding that, from time to time, we will check if the carrel is still being used.

What am I supposed to do if I have lost the carrel key?
Please inform the staff at the circulation desk immediately. The carrel will be cleared in order to avoid misuse. For security reasons, the lock will have to be replaced and the user charged.