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Study carrels


The Jacob-und-Wilhelm-Grimm-Zentrum has approximately 40 study carrels, which are assigned to HU students who are writing their final thesis, in order to enable concentrated and intensive work. The Grimm-Zentrum also has four day carrels and two carrels for people with disabilities.

Four day carrels on the 5th floor

Four of our study carrels (AK 5.07, AK 5.08, AK 5.09 and AK 5.10) are available as day carrels for free use without prior notice. These four carrels are part of the HU-Homezone. The carrels are located on the 5th floor in the east wing of the Grimm-Zentrum. The following applies here: whoever occupies the carrel first can use it until the library closes on that day. The carrels are not lockable and cannot be reserved. Our break discs regulation also applies to these working places.

Two study carrels for users with disabilities

On the 2nd floor, there is a study carrel for visually impaired users and a study carrel for physically disabled users. Further information.

Study carrels for HU exam candidates

The majority of our study carrels are available for use by HU exam candidates - for a period of use of max. 8 weeks each. Since autumn 2018 we have been awarding these study carrels by a new lottery procedure. In order to take part in the lottery, you must declare your interest by filling out an application form. The call for applications (and the activation of the application form) is made several times a year and is announced via a web news.

Application for a study carrel at Grimm-Zentrum

At the moment all study carrels are taken.

The next application phase for the November/December 2020 usage period will begin at the end of August 2020 and the call for applications will be published via web news. HU students can then apply using the online form below.

Conditions for application:
  • You are a student of the HU.
  • You are writing your final thesis (bachelor thesis, master thesis etc.).
  • You are writing your thesis in a subject whose holdings are made available at Grimm-Zentrum, see list of subjects below left. Your main subject must be included in this list.

As proof of the final thesis to be written, we need the confirmation of the examination office or your supervising professor. For this purpose, the "winners" will automatically be sent a ready-made form for the supervisors.

Application procedure:

Since there are usually more applications than study carrels, the carrels are raffled off after the application deadline. All "winners" will then be informed by e-mail.


The following are frequently asked questions about our study carrels for HU exam candidates:

When are the calls for applications for a study carrel and how are they advertised?

Calls for applications for a study carrel are made several times a year. After the call you can apply using the online form. We also provide information about the calls and the activation of the online form via webnews.

Who can apply for a study carrel at Grimm-Zentrum and what should be considered?

Only HU students who are writing their final thesis in one of the subjects covered by the Grimm-Zentrum (see list of subjects below left) can apply. The main subject must be included in this list.

As proof of the final thesis to be written, we need the confirmation of the examination office or your supervising professor. For this purpose, the "winners" will automatically be sent a ready-made form for the supervisors. This confirmation must be available before the keys are handed over.

For each thesis (bachelor thesis, master thesis etc.) a study carrel can only be used once (i.e. max. 8 weeks).

Students of other subjects are requested to use the respective local libraries.
For doctoral students, the Humboldt Graduate School offers temporary working places.

When and how do I find out after the application whether I will receive a study carrel?

Shortly after the application phase you will receive an e-mail from us and will be asked to submit the required documents (confirmation from the examination office/supervising professor) by e-mail in a timely manner.

If you are no longer interested in a study carrel, please let us know immediately so that we can immediately inform other applicants.

Which media can I use in the study carrel?

You can use all media available in the library. However, we kindly ask you to borrow the books in question properly and to mark them with a receipt. Reference stocks may only be taken into the study carrel for short-term use. Please put these holdings back onto the book trolleys every day when you leave the carrel so that other users have the opportunity to read these books. Of course, you may also store personal items in the study carrel, but unfortunately the library cannot accept any liability for this. The carrels are regularly checked for improperly borrowed media.

What should I do if I no longer need the study carrel?

At the end of the period of use, the study carrel should be available to the next user as soon as possible. We therefore ask you to clear the carrel completely and leave it so that it can be used again.

What do I do if I have lost the key to my study carrel?

Please inform the service desk immediately, then we will clear the carrel to prevent abuse. For security reasons, the lock must be replaced. The costs for the exchange have to be paid in full by the borrower of the carrel.

At which other locations of the University Library are study carrels offered?