On-Site Facilities

Important points to remember when using the Reference Library of German Language and Literature Studies

Please note the special circulation regulations for reference libraries such as the Branch Library of German Language and Literature Studies which differ from the general loan regulations (see: Sonderregelungen).
Despite the specific character of a reference library, we offer short-term loans depending on different status groups. Readers who do not belong to the HU have the opportunity of short-term overnight loans until 19:00 of the following day. Weekend loans are possible from Friday until 19:00 on the following Monday.

The library is, pursuant to the user regulations §3, first of all a provider for Humboldt-Universität research, teaching and study, and therefore HU students may borrow items for seven days whereas members of staff are entitled to a loan period of 28 days. The borrowed items have to be returned by 19:00 of their due dates.

Multiple copies (signatures ending with +2, +3 ...) can be borrowed for up to four weeks.

Periodicals, complete editions, encyclopaedias, reserve and reference collections as well as items published before 1900 are not borrowable.


Loan renewals

The renewal of the loan for multiple copies is only possible via Primus Gateway.

After the short-term loan expiry you may renew the item at the self-issue machine if there is no reservation of other readers. In that case the item is not checked out again.


Book return

Borrowed items may be returned during the opening hours of the branch library or at the self-returns-machine in the cloakroom which is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:p.m. from Monday to Friday and from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.  Make sure that you press the “Fertig” button for the receipt.



Please note the more stringent charges for overdue short-term loans

  • No grace period
  • Overdue charge of two Euros per item from the first day after the expiry of the loan period
  • Overdue charge of seven Euros per item after one week’s expiry of the loan period and twenty Euros after two weeks

Charges for overdue items and interlibrary services have to be paid by MensaCard at the self-issue and returns-machines of the branch library.