Location Information

The Science Branch Library was opened at Erwin-Schrödinger-Zentrum in 2003. It provides literature for chemistry, geography, information science, mathematics, physics and psychology. The building is a combination of historic factory workshops and a modern part so that it reflects its contents with current specialist literature and new technical developments as well as a historic collection.

Study desks

The library offers the following state of the art facilities and services

  • about 340 workplaces, among them 90 with PCs
  • two computer workstations for wheelchair users
  • one workroom for readers with visual impairments; please click here for further information
  • Five workrooms for group study which may be reserved at the information desk or by email (nawi@ub.hu-berlin.de).
  • 14 study carrels for students who prepare their final papers (Please click here for further information)
  • 5 book trolleys are provided free of charge for a period of three months to users writing their final thesis or dissertation for storing their working materials (Please click here for further information)
  • wireless networking all-over the building.

The PC-Centre of the CMS is directly linked to the reading room where the readers may use:

  • about 50 more computer workstations
  • four Multimedia PCs
  • three Macs


Special collections

The Branch Library is responsible for archiving the material of the respective subjects and you may find here all doctoral and habilitation dissertations since 2004.

Furthermore, the Branch Library is in charge of two special collections:

  1. Hofmann-collection (chemistry)
  2. Kronecker-collection (mathematics)

Please note that they are held in the closed stacks for rare collections ("Rara-Magazin"). You find further information about ordering here.


Technical equipment

The driverless transportation system which is called ‘the hare and the hedgehog’ carries out all necessary transports.



Since 2009 the book issue and return is based on the RFID technology.

The users may borrow and return items at the easy to use automats.